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Firm Overview

What clients like best about the Firm is . . . our reputation for achieving positive results, for controlling legal costs and for bringing solid business experience and counsel to our client’s side of the table. We’ve earned our clients’ respect and trust by becoming their professional allies in obtaining positive results – quickly, properly and strategically.

Our mission is to give personal service to each and every client. We strike to be accessible, affordable and efficient in the delivery of quality legal services. Our principal objective on every case is to achieve complete client satisfaction. That requires a close working relationship with every client and a clear understanding of each client’s file handling needs.

Our attorneys have long-established working relationships with courts, regulators, arbitrators and mediators in our jurisdictions. This experience and knowledge, combined with a dedicated approach from our associates and staff means more cost-effective representation for our clients.

We are all service professionals and pride ourselves on cooperative teamwork to accomplish our client’s goals. We strive to deliver high quality services to our client’s while maintaining a pleasant, friendly working environment. We achieve profitability by blending these visionary goals. Experience teaches that the best results are achieved when our attorneys work closely with their clients to define goals, expectations and litigation strategies.

We represent clients in the State of New York and throughout the United States and provide personal service to each and every client, resulting in complete client satisfaction.